Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Earn Rs.100 to Rs.300 Daily from Internet

                            Start Earning Money with in 10 minutes
Hello Friends,
I am going to share a Genuine, Real Internet Money making System with you.I am not a computer genius. I am a normal person who browse internet for checking Emails, Chatting, finding jobs just like others do.  \

Now, I am making  Rs.200 and above daily from the Internet. I show you the same way, how you can also earn Huge money from the Internet.

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I have been in the Home based internet business for over 2 years. When I first entered in to this type of internet money making business, I was not familiar with online money making concepts. I had seen many  websites on how to make huge money on the internet. Like many others, of course like you, I started searching and exploring the Internet money making programs. I joined many money making websites and I was expecting a successful Home based Internet Income Opportunity. But I never succeed. Even if I succeed, I earned very little amount. But I never gave up and I have been keep on searching for different programs and better Internet income opportunity.  One fine day, accidentally I discovered a great Internet money making system. I tested it and I saw real money coming from that system.

What Is the Job ?
Some companies or some individuals all over the world looking for online job workers. They will post their job requirements and we have to do that job.
Each and Every job will take 3 to 5 minutes to complete. Each completed job will give you 0.20(Rs 9.0),0.30(Rs 13.0)  or even $2 ,$3 also.. 

Jobs are like...

1. Create You Tube Account - $0.25
2.Creating gmail Account  - $ 0.30
3. Creating Email Ids in yahoo or Gmail  - $ 0.20
4. Forum Posting - $0.30
5. Yahoo Answers - $0.25
6. Writing Comments in Blogspot - $0.50

Many more Real, Genuine Jobs like this......


           I am also general student who needs pocket money of my own.One day i came to about onlinejobs
i tried many of onlinejobs by paying money but most of them are not good.Many of websites are cheating me
But one fine day i came to know about one genunie job i tried and i earned money now .I know many of u searching for onlinjobs for pocket money.So i can help u by telling my online business secrets

          This job is useful to student,housewifes and for employees also u can do this job in  freetime and at any time they  wish
After buying this produt u can start earning money within a day

I am offering you the EXACT SAME Ideas and techniques I have used to Earn Rs.200 and above daily from internet.

This is 100% Legal, Tested system of making money Online.

                               Simple steps u want to follow

1.You didnot need any previous Experience for this job
2.Work daily 2-3hrs daily
3.Earn money daily


We charge you Rs.300/-( Three hundred RUPEES ONLY )  Fee.Once we receive training Fee, we will email you all the necessary training materials and instructions on how to work and earn money.

How to pay the Training Fee ?
      Bank Deposit Or Online Transfer of Rs 300+25 Only

  Bank Name  AndhraBank
  Account Name   P.Govardhan
  Account Number  152110021051301
  Account Type  Savings
  IFSC CodeANDB0001521

           Go to any AndhraBank branch and pay money .It is easy to pay trainingfees through by onlinetransfer or by Bank deposit after paying money with in 2 to 3hrs i will send u training material so by on that itself u can start earning money
      After u depositing money i check my account and i will send training material to u by email 

Note :After making payment by Bank Deposit Or Transfer, please send your payment details to
which bank you deposited , branch name,your name,place from where ur deposited etc.
Note  : Please add my Email id    suresh.dgh@gmail.com  in your email address book so that all my emails will reach your Inbox without going to Bulk/Junk mail folder

          In addtion with training material i will also give abook that contains valuble information and techniques how to develop ur internet online business like on dataentry,marketing ur website or blogger,emailjobs etc .which i give u freely along with training material

    Still u have doubts email me to 
suresh.dgh@gmail.com     or call me to 09502336431

                               Some  Frequently Asked Questions.
Is this genuine or not?
This is 100% Genuine work.
How much i can earn money through this work?
It’s depend on your internet skill. ( some people earn Rs.100 per day some people earn Rs.200 per day, some people earn Rs.500 per day )

I have good internet browsing skill, then how much i can earn?
You can complete Each job in 2 to 3 minutes time, and u will get average Rs10 to Rs50.Calculate how many jobs u can do in a day .

Work is 24 hrs available?


How many types of works available?

There more than 100 type of works are available.

Can I take all type of works? 

Yeah you can, one by one

You said, more than 100 type of works are available so i have to go different websites and select the work?

I will Give you 10 websites. In these three website you can get all the jobs.

I have to download and upload the works?


Is this like a DATA ENTRY? 


Any Time restriction?

No…! When ever you find free time,you can do.

Any Target?

No…! There is No Target.

What is the Payment mode?

Cheque Payment,Paypal or Alertpay payment.

What is Paypal or Alertpay?

These are all online Banks. Its a Online bank similar to icici,sbi,hdfc etc.you can receive commissions to paypal or alertpay,from paypal or alertpay you can withdraw your commissions to your bank account. I WILL GUIDE YOU HOW TO CREATE A PAYPAL OR ALERTPAY ACCOUNT AFTER YOUR PURCHASE OF MY TRAINING VIDEO.

How can i withdraw my earnings? 

I will guide you “How to do that”.

Payment is genuine or not?

100% Genuine.

What i do, if i’m not getting payment?

There is no chance for that.

How long time you guide a people to do this work?

From 2009

When will i get my payment, if i withdraw today?

Within 3 weeks you will be get your payment.

What is requirement to do this work?

  Browsing knowledge in internet and little bit English knowledge.

I have internet browsing skill and little bit English knowledge, then how much i can earn money?

  it’s depends on skill.

Daily I can spend 2 hours for this work and i have good internet skill and good English knowledge, then how much i can earn money through this work? 

if you spend daily 2 hours minimum you can earn Rs2,000

What????????? only 2,000 per month?

Yes, this is minimum amount. I don’t know what is your skill? and what’s your English knowledge.

Is this possible to earn more than 10,000/- per month?
Yes. if you have good internet browsing skill and English knowledge surely surely surely you can earn more than 10k per month.

Anybody reach more than 10,000 every month ? 

Yes, many people earn more than 10,000 per month.
How can i believe you?  
Its up to you. if you not believe me, just close this website and try to another genuine online work.

Can you guide me after join with you?

Yes. I will Guide.

How can you guide me? 

I will guide you thro phone or email.